Eagle Lloyd Security Services provides an impressive array of services including but not limited to:


Security Guard Training

Eagle Lloyd Security Services can provide a range of training programs, from basic guarding through medical to high-level counter-terrorism. EAGLE LLOYD SECURITY SERVICES own personnel will be trained to the highest standards available in Afghanistan in line with the threat environment and comparable with the best in the world. We take pride in the quality and performance of our guard force. Every guard assigned to the job will have completed a certification course, passed a final performance examination, which includes scenario-based evaluations, qualification with their duty weapon in accordance with contract standards before being certified as a security guard and allowed to stand any post. Due to the dynamic nature of security operations, we provide a wide variety of practical skills delivered in both classroom and scenario based environments, to include:

  • Personal Hygiene and Appearance
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Security Guards
  • Radio Operations
  • Report Writing
  • General and Post Orders
  • Access Control Procedures
  • Rules for Use of Force
  • Rules of Engagement
  • Weapons Safety
  • Cleaning and Maintenance
  • First Aid
  • Tactical Trauma Training
  • Personnel and Vehicle Search
  • Surveillance Detection
  • Threat Recognition
  • Security Patrols
  • Client/Public Relations
  • Fire Safety and Prevention
  • Unarmed Restraint
  • Weapons Qualification Fire
  • Incident report training
  • Supervisory Training
  • C Tips
  • Crowd Control and Demonstration
  • Secure Risk Detects
  • Laws of Arm Conflict Training
  • Search and Control Techniques
  • Compound Defense Plan
  • Weapon Training

Recruiting, Screening and Background Checks

EAGLE LLOYD SECURITY SERVICES local national recruitments are done only from the EAGLE LLOYD SECURITY SERVICES’ pool of reserved candidates comprised of Afghan National Army or Afghan National Police personnel or those who possess prior security experience within recognized security agencies, and as a result, have undergone extensive screening and vetting. The MOI screening and vetting process ensures that all personnel are registered with the Afghan government, possess a valid national ID card, and have no criminal record or affiliation with radical or terrorist/fundamentalist organizations. Coupled with Afghan Government approved vetting systems, our recruits who pass the appropriate Afghan security and medical background checks. Once all security checks are passed, new recruits receive extensive training as per the international standards prior to mobilizing any contract.